Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sun Square Uranus, Venus Inconjunct Pluto | shaken not stirred

shaken by tori-f
I accidentally set this post to go live at 8PM instead of 8AM. I guess my previous, more upbeat Mars in Leo post wanted a little more center stage airtime - how very Leo!


Today we have the Sun (in Cancer) squaring Uranus (in Aries) at 28 degrees. This could be disruptive.

Maybe a surprise situation or unexpected action (by someone else or by us) challenges or brings uncertainty to our security/stability or to a home/family situation.

Change directions too quickly and we could cause an accident, but this is good energy for a change in our appearance or the way we "shine" in the world. This is great energy to break out of a rut!

People will be restless and won't want to be pinned down. Today's stress/challenge could relate back to something from earlier in the week. Stay flexible.

We also have Venus (in Gemini) inconjunct a retrograde Pluto (in Capricorn) at 17 degrees. Our own choices and decisions regarding Venus ruled money, love, values, self-esteem or beauty situations could be contrary to whoever/whatever holds the power now.

Maybe something we thought/hoped we were finished with comes back around or maybe our "rehab" hits some roadblocks. Jealousy, manipulation, obsession, compulsion and power plays could cause issues within our relationships. Whatever the situation we are dealing with, if this transit is hitting our chart, the answers aren't easy and could be out of our hands for now ....

xo all

Mars into Leo | leading from our heart

in heart by Marta Syrko
Today we have fiery Mars (action, initiative, passion, anger) moving into equally fiery Leo (enthusiasm, heart, love, ego, pride, creativity, courage) until September 5th.

Mars will be in conjunction with both the Sun and the Moon on Sunday at the time of the New Moon and Mars will be exactly conjunct the Sun next Wednesday - which ends whatever started at the time of the last Sun/Mars cycle (something started mid June 2015) and launches something NEW

involving universal Leo themes (and/or for us personally the themes of our Leo natal houses) - how/what we initiate, how we take action, how we express our passion, our anger issues or issues we are angry about, something involving our creativity or children or romance. Mars will be active during the August 7th Aquarius Full Moon, too.

If you are a Leo Sun (or other fixed sign - Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) this transit is going to wake you up. If you are an Aries rising or a Scorpio rising (your chart is ruled by Mars) this is going to wake you up. Everyone's natal Leo house is waking up BIGLY!  

We will all feel this one.

The great thing about Mars in Leo is that it not only provides that Martian kick off at the starting line, it also provides the Leo ability to stick with it once we get it started!

Leo is the sign of the lion - the king of the jungle. One of the best ways to understand the king of the jungle is to understand the little lions we keep in our homes - those creatures called cats.

Everyone who "owns" a cat knows what a misnomer this word is when applied to the feline species. Cats can't be "owned". We know it and they know it. It is perfectly natural for them to convey an attitude of comfortable superiority.

This energy, this "presence" is what Leo is all about.

Everyone has Leo somewhere in their natal chart - a space we are meant to feel "comfortably superior". Ruled by the Sun, this is an area of life (in addition to our Sun sign) we are meant to SHINE. We are all about to get a whole lot more shiny. I think we will need those eclipse glasses no matter where we live now!

This is a great time to take action with something we are passionate about. Leo energy will not be ignored and doesn't like to wait, so if something needs to happen now - let's make it happen. The two weeks following Sunday's New Moon in Leo are PRIME make it happen days!

If we need courage, if we need confidence, if we need attention - this transit will provide the fiery push to take the action we need to take. Fresh starts don't get any fresher than this.

We have the North Node in Leo now - it is important to focus on the things that call our heart forward. Our blood is flowing faster (seriously I think someone needs to check on this) - our passions are stirred up!
Sometimes when we ask what our heart really wants we do not like the answer we get because we know it will force us to disconnect from something else - maybe something we used to love or maybe something that made/makes us feel safe or maybe something that is comfortable - start with those ratty old slippers, toss them!

Or because Leo's instinct is primal we (Aquarius polarity's shadow) start overthinking all the ways this new thing isn't going to work. 

We use our minds and words to start creating problem "cords" and entanglements from our new thing to all kinds of crap we don't want to happen. 

We don't need to do that right now. It is actually counter-productive.

Looking for dragons doesn't protect us from dragons - it actually creates the dragons!

We don't have to get too far ahead of ourselves - we don't have to know HOW we are going to do it. We just have to get clear on WHAT we want/need and take some kind of action. Life can use whatever action we take to get us where we need to go.

The energies on planet Earth have changed since the end of 2012 - we have lost the the energetic gatekeepers that kept things from happening too quickly - they have folded up shop and left the building! 

We don't need them, but we still think we do. 

We really can get there (wherever there is) from HERE. 

(Donald Trump is President people, I mean, who ever thought that could happen - well HE did and that's how it did happen. Instead of, or in addition to if we insist, bemoaning that fact let's celebrate what it shows us is actually possible - so, what do WE really want?)

By the end of the year we will have Saturn coming home to Capricorn the sign he rules - we will have to work harder and there could be more restrictions on us. Things will be a bit more "set in pace" so we want to be doing/living what we love NOW since we could be doing it for a while!

What is the theme of your Leo house? This is the space of our lives where we are all "lightworkers" - we are all able to channel the Sun's (Son's, if you resonate with this) energy unfiltered. It's going to be a space/theme of life we LOVE. And yes, there will be work, notice the word lightworker includes those four letters, too! We are spreading light (knowledge) through work.

Work doesn't really feel like work when we are loving it though, does it?

xo all

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Venus Trine Jupiter, Mars Trine Chiron | smoothing things out, do you feel lucky?

beauty outside, myth inside by cobraromania

Yesterday's challenging energies (still in play, but to a lesser degree) give way to today's more manageable aspects.

Trines bring natural grace, support and the ease of things "falling into place".

In our natal chart, trines (120 degree aspects) are our natural gifts, sometimes so innately a part of us we don't even realize they are gifts. They work in similar ways during times of transit - smoothing things out, easing us over rough patches, quietly removing road blocks, sometimes while we are still miles away. They do their work so seamlessly we might not even feel them. We'll just look back later and see the ease with which something potentially complicated fell into place.

With Venus (in Gemini) trining Jupiter (in Libra) at 15 degrees (those with planets or points around 15 degrees of the air signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - will feel this most)

communications within relationships will be more harmonious. Conversations can be more relaxed. This is great energy for socializing. Be out and about. Return the call. Send the email. Situations with Venus ruled themes - love, money, women, beauty, self-esteem, our values - expand (Jupiter) under this transit. We get lucky. 

With Mars (in Cancer) trining Chiron (in Pisces) at 28 degrees (those with planets or points around 28 degrees of the water signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - will feel this most)

we are offered a cooling balm for any wounds yesterday's Mars/Uranus square opened up. Here's the band-aid. It's a stretchy fabric one that stays put in the shower and, look, it's even got a picture of Bambi on it. Also mom has kissed our boo-boo and given us a cookie. Oatmeal!

Actions (Mars) can be healing (Chiron). Family (Cancer) connections (Pisces) can be repaired. Compassionate (Pisces) action (Mars) heals. What hurts? What needs mending? Work on that.

xo all 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Venus Square Neptune, Mars Square Uranus | proceed carefully

Out of View by FlewDesigns

Today we have two inner planets, Venus and Mars, squaring off with two outer planets, Neptune and Uranus. This gives us multiple ways things can go off the rails. With more positive transits coming as early as tomorrow, today is not the day to leap into something without looking.

Keep a cool head. Don't say/do something you will regret tomorrow.

Neptune squaring Venus is good energy to simply want too much. Expecting too much from other people or from a certain situation dulls our vision to what we already have and where we already are. The grass looks greener on the other side, but that's only because we are not the one who has to water it.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the next thing that we miss out on our connection to the thing we have now. Someone I know with this aspect in his natal chart is always having his hopes dashed. He thinks he has bad luck, but what he really has is a natural tendency to want/expect so much that he is continually disappointed.

(this doesn't mean that wanting/expecting too much is a bad thing - it can be a great thing and most people probably settle for too little - but with today's skies this is something to be aware of)

With Venus in Gemini (choices) it will be easy to make the wrong decision or pursue the wrong thing today. Snap decisions could snap back at us. Keep things realistic. Is this thing "we want or need to take action on NOW" really something we want/need to do? If something logically looks like a long shot, this is not the best energy to have a go at it. Invest your time and money carefully .....

With Mars in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries, we, and other people, could feel a strong urge to rebel within the family, home or an environment that feels like family. Or things could get pretty passive/aggressive - for example we don't want to go to dinner with someone so we lose our keys and can't leave the house. Or maybe someone is stubbornly holding onto a position simply to annoy the other person or not finishing something as a way to have power over someone else or power over a situation where they feel out of control (ahem).

Something unexpected (Uranus) could be in conflict with what we are doing or trying to do (Mars). There are many tricky situations that can lead to conflict now.

Take care when driving. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it today.

On the other hand if we need to find real courage against something that truly is oppressing us - today's energy could stoke a fire that needs to be started. Chew on that.

Baby steps people, the Sun will come out tomorrow and we are heading into Leo season - the sign that rules HAPPINESS and FUN .... and today's Moon is in Taurus - get outdoors, eat some good food, focus on the things you already have ... xo

(there may be more info in the weekly HERE)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 17th - high stakes, getting fired up, chickens coming home to roost

cutting light by alltelleringet

Last week was fairly quiet in the skies but this week should more than make up for it.

This is a busy week with the most notable transits Mars squaring Uranus on Monday and the Sun squaring Uranus on Thursday. We also have both Mars and the Sun moving into a fire sign and the week ends with a BIG New Moon in Leo!

A Sun/Mars/Uranus mix-up can be rough and challenging. Even angry and violent. We need to be prepared for some unexpected twists and turns over the next few weeks. 

The stuff happening now is reactivating the Pluto/Uranus square we were all dealing with a couple years ago (that we never really stopped dealing with) - chickens are coming home to roost (hoping mine are guinea hens and will eat these damn ticks and mosquitoes).

So, if something needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed NOW. 

If this means something to you, if something popped into your head when you read that - then deal with that. If there is something we can't outrun - we need to turn and face it. Maybe we can suddenly clock in a 4 minute mile and get away clean, but more likely that thing we have been avoiding is not as far behind us as we thought it was.

On MONDAY, fiery Mars (in Cancer) squares unpredictable Uranus (in Aries). We also have Venus (in Gemini) squaring a retrograde Neptune (in Pisces).

This is confusing energy.

Venus squaring Neptune can leave us inspired but insecure or maybe disappointed or taken advantage of. This is the first square of the Venus/Neptune cycle that started on January 13th, if that date rings a bell. Boundaries could be leaky now and our discernment could be lacking. Let's be diplomatic, but we need to take our time with this one and not rush into something blindly (like maybe rushing in to help someone or agree with someone without all the facts)

because on TUESDAY Venus trines Jupiter (the BEST aspect we could have), so whatever "crisis" is stirred up on MONDAY, the winds will change on TUESDAY, very likely for the better (give life your best shot on TUESDAY - get dressed up, be nice to other people, expect communications to go well). Tuesday is a good day for investments - our money/value of what is purchased grows.

Later in the day on MONDAY Mars is squaring Uranus. People's actions will be unpredictable. We will be restless and so will other people. Crisis points could center around freedom and taking action. Arguments and disruptions are possible now. Keep a cool head.

Taking action (Mars) for the good of the community (Uranus) is favored. New action is favored. The Moon is waning, so it's not necessarily the best time to launch something new, but it's very good energy to do something in a new way. Work outside the box. By TUESDAY Mars will be trining Chiron so it looks like the fight/argument leads to healing. Compassionate, creative action is best.

Our waning Moon will be in Taurus both days which is great energy to get your hands into the dirt, prepare fresh food and enjoy eating it, walk barefoot in the grass, slow down, sing, dance, take an afternoon nap - get out of your head and feel the weight of your physical body on our physical planet.

On WEDNESDAY, Mercury (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius) then on FRIDAY Mercury goes on to conjunct the North Node. There is something to pay attention to here. This is the news/communication/conversation/idea (Mercury) that will last (Saturn). This is something you can take to the bank. Something stable. There is not only security here and something tangible (Saturn), it is connected to your best way forward! Like all trines we need to put out some effort. The Moon will be balsamic, so we might want to take another nap, but be out and about. Put yourself, and your words and work, out there.

On THURSDAY, the Sun squares Uranus. This is a bookend to whatever was happening on Monday. Know people will be restless and maybe looking for a confrontation. The best way to use this crisis point (use it or be used by it!) is to understand there is a cost to preserving the solid structures in our lives. Throwing babies out with the bathwater may clear the tub and we won't be cleaning any soiled diapers, but then we don't have that cute little baby to sing to when the lights go out. There are trade-offs.

Of course, if someone else is really stepping on us - this is the energy that will bring the situation to a head. Oppressive situations come up to be worked out. Where there is anger energy, there is also courage.

Also on THURSDAY Mars enters Leo (this is about us putting energy into our creative endeavors) followed by the Sun on SATURDAY (more passion, more creativity, more energy). On SUNDAY we have the New Moon in Leo (fresh start!), so the week ends with a whole lot of Leo fire!

Things are very combustible now. Take care with fire. Everyone will want to be the king of the jungle now. With so much Uranian energy - expect the unexpected (and yes, with the energy focused on Uranus and Leo, expect Trump to be back in the news - has he ever been out of the news?).

xo all - back with the dailies and to finish up and sort out that New Moon post!

New Moon in Leo | July 23rd - start something new, be careful what you wish for ... part II

star wars tcg luke skywalker by anthony foti

In astrology-speak the Moon is essentially regressive in nature. It is always pulling us back to the past, to the mother-child bond, to our basic security needs, to our core. 

The stuff the Moon rules does not really change much over the course of our lifetime. The sign our Moon is in, the house our Moon is in, the sign on the cusp of our 4th house, planets in our 4th house, the degree of our IC - the very bottom of our chart, if our chart were a clock face it would be at 6:00 - Cancer's placement in our chart - all tell the story of our very essence. What we need to feel nurtured at 2 won't be that different from what we need to feel nurtured at 82.

The Sun is different. The Sun is progressive in nature. It changes. It is active and productive and unfolds over the course of our lifetime. It gives us - our "hero story".

You have probably at some time read something about the work of Joseph Campbell (maybe most famous these days with inspiring George Lucas's Star Wars hero journey) and something he calls the "mono-myth" - which is basically the "hero story" that is told in every culture's mythology. This is our solar story. It's the story of the Sun in our natal chart.

Now in every story the hero isn't born a hero. Even if he is born a prince, he has to earn the right to be a hero.

This earning comes in the form of tests and quests.

If we think about pretty much every movie we have ever seen - there is a hero who starts out looking much like you and me (well maybe not so much like you and me if we are not a white man or boy, but you get the idea - so excited to see the promos for a Wrinkle in Time!), there is a journey, there are some dangers and conflicts so we can muck things up a bit, there is adventure, there are tears and fears, there is joy, finally there is a reward and then the hero returns home (to his family, to his home, to his God), maybe to a hero's welcome.

Sometimes the hero will shirk his duties the first time he is called into service - this often happens and it is often then that he meets some kind of mentor or guide. And of course it is even possible to refuse the call of our Sun totally, in which case it comes back around in a different form, with harder tests and more dragons. Trying to escape the destiny of our Sun during important chart movements and we will likely pay dearly on another level for our refusal to become ourselves.

Sometimes the burden is passed on to our children. And we all carry some unfinished solar business from our ancestors.

Now, our Sun (think movie hero/heroine) starts out with everything it needs to fulfill its journey. It has all the right planets in all the right places for what it needs to do (strengths, weaknesses, upcoming transits representing challenges and opportunities). It has the Moon, which although it can give voice to that part of ourselves that can feel wronged and sorry for itself when we dragged away from our comforts, but can also be depended upon, in times of crisis, because it shows us how to look after ourselves. We have many helpers in our chart that are the energies we carry within us to attract what we need - just what/who/where we need at just the right time.

Now maybe the most important thing to remember about the hero's journey is that although it looks like we are doing what we are doing for ourselves - because the journey is really about becoming who we really are - we are doing this 'becoming' for the collective. The actual thing we are doing though must be pressed into us by some inner necessity - if we do it so other people will be happy, or so other people will love us or because we don't want to rock other people's boats by properly manning our own - we wind up in a whole lot of trouble because we won't be true to ourselves, which is, in a nutshell, what our journey is all about.

Test failed. Quest mucked up. It's tricky and a paradox.

There is a reason the Sun rules the 5th house of our chart - creativity, children, fun, enjoyment, romance - the things that give life meaning! So, the sign our Sun is in, the house our Sun is in, the sign on the cusp of our 5th house, planets in our 5th house, planets talking to the Sun, Leo's placement in our chart - all tell the unfolding story of the hero/heroine within us. The role we are called upon to play.

And just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz who had a life before and after her journey through Oz that likely involved milking the cows and walking Toto - we have other aspects of our life, too. Life is not all witches and wizards and yellow brick roads.

But we enact the hero's journey (our Sun story) in many different chapters of our life story - some of them so short they come to completion in a week, some maybe even a day. And as soon as we have made any step forward in consciousness and self-unfolding, another call comes in and we are off again. 

The Sun is progressive - it is never finished with us (until we draw our final breath and it is).

So what does all this have to do with next week's New Moon in Leo, well we'll talk about that in part III.  xo all enjoy the day!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Moon in Leo | July 23rd - start something new, be careful what you wish for ... part l

dragon daughter by Makusheva

I'm writing this one a little early so heads up.

If you have anything fresh and new in any kind of preliminary "launch" mode

(particularly if related to your Leo natal house theme or the universal Leo themes of creativity, fun, games, romance, children, sport, hobbies, pleasure - that just about covers everything good anyway, right!)

you might want to get a jump on things and get it out there during the waxing (growing) cycle of this fiery New Moon. This would mean sometime between July 23rd and August 7th.

And by "launch" I am not talking about the space shuttle here or a dotcom start-up. ANYTHING you are looking to get started or do in a new way will get a boost from this energy.

This New Moon is at zero degrees Leo and will be the first of two New Moons in Leo this year - the second will be the "Great American" Solar Eclipse of August 21st at 28 degrees Leo. So one New Moon will take us into Leo - and we have the North Node (our collective way forward) in Leo! - and an even bigger one will take us out.

Events intensify as we move forward from this New Moon. 

Zero is the first degree in astrology and connects to the Magician card in the Tarot. This is excellent manifesting energy since anything is possible here so we should be setting our intentions with this in mind. Take this stuff seriously or skip it altogether this month. I'm not kidding. We need to be careful what we are wishing/intending now because we are much more likely to get it.

This New Moon will be conjunct Mars giving it even greater power.

Mars is all instinct, fiery passion and initiative. Mars is that first powerful kick off at the starting line. We don't have to know exactly where we are going with this, we just have to START. So take some action toward what you want during the waxing days of this New Moon. We'll talk about this more as we move through the week. There is also a Venus/Saturn opposition at the time of this New Moon which is not normally such a great aspect, but I think it will help narrow our choices down for us toward what is most stable and this will be a good thing in the long run.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and with the Sun ruling this New Moon - and the North Node of our collective way forward now in Leo also - this is all about following our HEART. Whatever new thing/situation/person/belief/action we choose to work with needs to be something we are excited about, it needs to stir us. It needs to not have any self-sacrifice or victim mentality connected to it. It needs to come with a certain ease. This doesn't mean there won't be work involved, but it can't be only work involved.

With the North Node in Leo now if we really don't want to do something and we do it anyway, it isn't going to work. What we want, what is calling to our heart, is the only thing that will work now. Choices get easier.

So this New Moon is about our Leo natal house and about our Sun (the Sun rules Leo and is the ruler of this New Moon). Where is 0 degrees Leo in your natal chart? Go to, free horoscopes, natal chart - find it.

This will be a fiery new beginning. xo all

Up next tomorrow - part ll our Sun signs and the road ahead

Friday, July 14, 2017

Mercury Sextile Jupiter | positive thinking, making plans, releasing our words into the world

the prize of trust by shiny-shadows-art
Mercury (ideas, communication, words) sextiles (opportunity) Jupiter (expansion) at 14 degrees Leo (Mercury) and Libra (Jupiter).

The right words, said at the right time, can move mountains now.

This is good energy for planning our future - whether that means our next vacation or next big venture. Words are not just words - they connect us energetically with what we are seeking.

Don't be afraid to say out loud what you want. Put it in writing.

There is, of course, a fly in the ointment - we could imagine heaven as simply a space without flies!

At the same time both these planets are creating opportunities with each other's energies, both planets are inconjunct dreamy, drifting Neptune (strong but retrograde in Pisces).

Inconjuncts require adjustments and integration. It is pretty much summed up in the expression "between a rock and a hard place". So whatever opportunity the Mercury/Jupiter sextile is stirring up, it is not without complications. The key to working with inconjuncts (especially this one involving Neptune) is to use our INTUITION.

The three planets involved in today's aspect are forming a Yod (finger of God) - pointing at Neptune. In astrological speak - this is like the voice of God speaking to/through us. We have to trust our intuition (gut instinct, hunch) and integrate it into our life. This doesn't have to be some big ginormous thing but there is no standing on the sidelines here waiting for someone else to do it/say it for us.

With Jupiter, things can seem better or bigger or more important than they actually are and the inconjunct to Neptune shows the possibility of the whole thing drifting off-course.

It also shows the possibility of the sky's the limit possibilities here, too.

What does our gut say (and I hope we haven't been clouding it up with white flour and sugar!)? What does our heart want? Get quiet. Meditate. Pray for answers. Portals are open. Positive thinking - yes, positive meaning "certain" - goes a long way now. Stop imagining all the ways we are going to fail and start imagining things succeeding beyond our wildest dreams.

Today's energy can be used to make plans for the future, socialize, make new contacts and say the words we need to say trusting they will be heard by the people who need to hear them.

Make the words compassionate (be kind) and boundless (try to avoid setting too many rules and restrictions now) and the words will surely find their mark. Join with other people (Libra) now in an effort to make an impact beyond our own lives and we will surely make a big impact on our own life, too.

Trust, will play a HUGE part in this because it could appear that 1. we can't find the right words when we need them 2. no one is listening anyway 3. the more we focus, the more we drift off course 4. our memory fizzles 5. what we are saying/hearing isn't logical - we could have to move intuitively through any or all of this crap. 

If we've learned nothing else these past couple years we've learned that what is real is what we/others think is real. So what do we want to think?

I gave a presentation on Tuesday and after finishing I thought I kind of blew it. All I could think about was the stuff I had forgotten to say and the way I had let the questions kind of drift off course. And, I talked too fast. Being polished and professional matters to me (blog readers might be left scratching their heads at this one, but it is very true). I thought it important (and still do) to present kind of "spacey" information with my feet firmly planted on solid Earth.

I have realized over the past couple days though that people connected with what I was saying in different ways and that things had gone much better than I thought they did. It was actually the times I went a little rogue - due to memory lapses and not a plan to "just wing it" - that people connected more with what I was saying. They have asked me back to teach a series (and to speak a little slower). I'll post links when I have them.

Here's the way this Yod could impact us through our Pisces house - if you know what house 14 degrees Pisces falls in your natal chart - use the house allocations with the info below for best accuracy, otherwise check Sun and Ascendant signs:

ARIES (Pisces 12th house) - Yod energies point to something behind the scenes or a "secret" desire/want. Confusion could result between you and another person if your/their glasses are too rose tinted. Adjustments will be required.

TAURUS (Pisces 11th house) - Yod energies point to your friends and groups including online groups. Confusion could be the result of a disconnect between your big ideas and what other people are hearing you say. Your information could have to be adjusted in some way to allow everyone to 'buy in'.

GEMINI (Pisces 10th house) - Yod energies point to you career, responsibility, father and authority - it will be easy to lose sight of what you are really trying to do now. Confusion could result if someone says something that gets your hopes up, but actual results will vary. Stay grounded. Know your dreams will get you where you need to be but things might not come exactly as planned. The key to success here is staying focused on what you really want and need from the situation. 

CANCER (Pisces 9th house) Yod energies point to travel, education, politics, publishing, media, weddings, legal issues or what is foreign. There are adjustments required with what you want to happen here or what you are trying to do. Be especially cautious in commerce where things could be inflated - keep an eye on your benjamins. Instead of plunging forward, take a deep breath and think about what your real goals are here and if what you are hearing really makes sense. 

LEO (Pisces 8th house) Yod energies point to other people's resources - partner's income, debts, loans, taxes - death, birth, sex, fertility. Confusion could result if you want all the cards on the table now, but someone else is still holding their cards close to the vest. Maybe they (or you) want to pour pink paint on a problem and pretend it doesn't exist. Instead of plunging forward now with a loud voice, really hear what the other person is saying to you (or not saying) or what the situation has opened up. What is your intuition telling you is really going on?

VIRGO (Pisces 7th house) Yod energies point to partners and equal relationships. Confusion could result if you are projecting what you want to see on someone else (rather than what they are really offering) or they could be doing the same with you. Trust your gut about what is not being said now. The real issue is probably the thing no one is talking about. A portal is open for unconditional acceptance/love/appreciation now between equal partners if you are BOTH willing to be honest about what you really need from each other and what you are willing/able to contribute.  

LIBRA (Pisces 6th house) Yod energies point to your day to day activities, work, health, co-workers, pets. Confusion could result if your big ideas are not totally workable on an everyday basis. This doesn't mean you toss your big, bodacious ideas out the window, just that you have to make some adjustments to make it all work - it will be the adjustments themselves that create the opportunity here. Time is your friend. Work the problem. Let the things you can't work fall into/or out of place.

SCORPIO (Pisces 5th house) Yod energies point to a creative or romantic opportunity or an opportunity involving children. Something good is budding here, but confusion could result from things looking better than they actually are. Be sure you are not just hearing what you want to hear. It will be hard to tell solid fact from fantasy now, so double check what you are being told. You will know instinctively if something doesn't feel right. Don't disregard the feeling. Trust your gut.

SAGITTARIUS (Pisces 4th house) Yod energies point to home, family, mother, security, home business and ancestry. Your expansive plans in these areas might require an adjustment due to some kind of energy drain which could manifest as both a physical thing within your structure - infestation, leaks, structural damage, necessary things breaking down or not working properly and issues within what your structure holds - family or security problems that you or someone else has not been wanting to deal with or issues that have been buried. This issue and what is really at the base of it - ancestral story, family problem, real structure not attended to - needs to be integrated somehow. Work the problem. Fix the leak. Trust your instincts.

CAPRICORN (Pisces 3rd house) Yod energies point to your communication house - issues could also involve transportation, siblings or your local neighborhood. You will need to balance the actual facts you are dealing with and your own big dreams for the future. Words matter now. Choose them carefully. Be honest.

AQUARIUS (Pisces 2nd house) Yod energies point to your money or your personal values. There is the opportunity now to increase your earnings or your self-esteem. Some adjustment will be necessary though. The opportunity could come through someone foreign or involve media, publishing, travel, higher education, weddings, politics or legal issues. Keep your feet on the ground though, every rainbow doesn't lead to a pot of gold.

PISCES (Pisces 1st house) Yod energies point to your own dreams. Everything I wrote above about the disconnect between what you are saying (or want to say) and what others are hearing applies to you. The results will depend on your ability to integrate intuition and logic now. At the end of the day, everything will not be able to be worked out - some things will just need to be allowed to move in the direction they want to go ... trust the flow. You're a Pisces and we are dealing with your ruling planet Neptune - you've got this thing.

xo all

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sun Opposite Pluto | outnumbered

outnumbered by dresew

We have the Sun (18 degrees Cancer) opposing Pluto (18 degrees Capricorn) today. This was exact last night.

This is ego vs power. Self destructive habits and self-sabotaging tendencies are activated. Egos get bruised. Physical things can break down.

It's a challenging aspect but can also offer us a burst of creative energy to accomplish what we need to do now.

To work this energy in a positive way we need to balance our creative energy (Sun) with collective resources (Pluto) - money, power, influence. Are we making enough money? Are we charging enough? Where is our power? Where is our influence? What are we really afraid of?

This can show us where/how we need more control in our own lives.

Today's opposition could mean an actual opposition to our plans. This could come in the form of other people's expectations of us or someone in power vetoing what we want to do.

The answers don't necessarily show up now, but the problems become more visible. Power games and power plays are likely. Deal with this stuff diplomatically. Channel that inner Libra.

Often (maybe always and certainly for stuff that shows up now with Pluto involved) the stuff out there is really the stuff in here needing to get out.

If we are viewing some person or situation as the BIG problem in our lives, like everything would be good if we got rid of them or that let's remember how this world actually works - this outer stuff is really disowned parts of ourselves. The outer stuff is always inner stuff. This stuff we don't want to look at within ourselves (like how we got ourselves into our current situation) is unconscious and perverts how we see each other and how we see what is really happening. And it doesn't mean the other person or situation is right/good/not a pain the ass just because we can see the ways we have helped create it.

But allowing ourselves to take responsibility in this way (not to beat ourselves up!) - even just a tiny little bit - allows us to know the fact of the situation which is that  

we have more control here than we think we do.

For now, though, we might have to sit a bit with the ways we don't .....

xo all

The Moon is in Aquarius this morning and trining (brakes off) Venus making this a good time for business because the public (Aquarius) will want (Venus) something. Good for harmony with women, too. By afternoon the same Aquarius Moon is opposing Mercury - so some potential for erratic communication or a public/group spat or challenging info. A good day to be out and about and sociable though.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn | the balance of POWER

Full Moon Service by alltelleringet

This weekend's Full Moon in Capricorn (exact on Saturday night, early Sunday, at 12:06 AM EDT) is a doozy.

The Moon will be at 17 degrees Capricorn, the Sun will be at 17 degrees Cancer, Pluto will be at 18 degrees Capricorn and Mars will be at 22 degrees Cancer. Jupiter is squaring the Full Moon and Pluto.

(if you have natal planets/points around these degrees the Moon will impact you most directly)

This is a whole lot of powerful energy in a tiny slice of polarized sky.

Having both Pluto (power, transformation, karma, birth, death) and Mars (initiative, action, anger, war) involved with a Full Moon ruled by Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) means all the dangerous and powerful movers and shakers are in the same room

(and now this is making me think of the G20 summit - what a time for that!).

The energy of the next few days - and you are probably already feeling this - is about issues of power and control. Hubs and I had the biggest fight we've had in years the other day over an inconsequential nothing - but what it really boiled down to was neither of us wanting to be "controlled" by the other person. And both of us feeling controlled. It wasn't pretty ... or quiet (Mercury in Leo now).

This is about the Cancer/Capricorn polarity.

Family vs. work. The security that comes from nurturing ourselves, nurturing others or being nurtured vs the security that comes from having work in the world and money coming in. Our nest at home vs our place in the world. Summer vs. winter. Preparing for birth vs preparing for death "winter is coming". Childhood vs old age. Vulnerability vs self-sufficiency. Mom (energy) at home vs dad (energy) at work.

There is so much contradiction and conflict here, but like all polarities this is really just two sides of the same coin - likely something labeled SECURITY.

We can't own a coin without owning both sides. But we can only look at (focus on) one side at a time. The other side is in the shadows - so we have to flip back and forth and balance this stuff out with our time, attention and resources. There isn't really an end to this or a way to "win" here. We just do the best we can with what we have.

Spend too much time with one side of the coin and the other side gets all gunky like those pennies stuck in our car cupholder that have had coffee dripped on them. Now matter how shiny the other side looks that gunky side means we never get to actually spend the money

(yes, this could be one of my strange metaphors that don't get us anywhere - except maybe out to the car with a squirt bottle of vinegar and a cup of soapy water).

Being about Cancer (home, family) and Capricorn (work, responsibilities in the world) or our own needs and the needs of other people - any imbalances here will probably show up now to allow us to realign what isn't working. 

Also imbalances with authority and authority figures and the way we use and mis-use our own authority. 

The Capricorn Full Moon throws a light on what power can do and also on the finality of choices we've already made. 

Both Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with issues of SECURITY, both value TIME and are guardians of the legacy of our ancestors.

Full Moons bring culminations, so maybe something ends now. With Jupiter and Pluto in the mix endings will be big. That opposition to Cancer would make things even more emotional. Some people will experience big wins that lead to increased power. Some, maybe especially if power has been misused, could suffer big losses where their power is greatly reduced.

Full Moons bring things to light. Capricorn themes (and your personal Capricorn/Cancer house themes) will be highlighted - tradition, structure, work, obligations, responsibility, authority, ambition, limits, boundaries, restrictions, goals. Pluto will make sure we really see what is exposed now. Cancer will make sure we feel it. There probably won't be any space to turn away and shield our eyes.

Remember the Achilles heel with Capricorn and Saturn is that this energy often values stability over everything else. Its strength is in being 'un-moveable'. But stable things grow stagnant. Being un-moveable is not a good or realistic way to move through a life that is so changeable. We don't want to be un-moved by what is happening in the world!

This has been a rough few weeks, months or years for lots of people. Many people are speaking/acting from their fearful and wounded places now. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it might not be a good thing either. Our vulnerability links us and grounds us in our humanity. Some things must be shared even when the sharing is painful.

This is a war-like Full Moon, so keep that in mind, too, over the next couple days. Power issues will come up. Other people will not want to be controlled - neither will we. Keep a cool head. Drive safely. A fight could turn into a war and not many things are worth going to war over. On the other hand if something needs to be protected now - this is excellent energy to defend ourselves.

This is also excellent energy to establish a POWER BASE - whatever that means to you.

Don't be too tired or too busy to get out and walk in this one. The energy will be crackling on Saturday night.

xo all

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mercury into Leo | creative self-expression, dramatic conversations, blowing our own horn, speaking from our heart

blow my horn by crilleb50

Mercury moves into Leo late this afternoon. Until Mercury moves on to Virgo on July 25th,  conversations will be more dramatic. Volumes will be set to HIGH. This is excellent energy for self-promotion and creative self-expression and speaking from our heart.

If you are a girl who likes things quiet, invest in some ear plugs - you are going to need them. 

Everyone will tell us what they are thinking and doing. Yes, our Facebook feed will explode. Leo loves an audience! Keep in mind that alot of things we will be listening to/talking about now could be exaggerated. 

Our Leo natal house (where is Leo in your natal chart?) wakes up with increased activity and requires more of our attention.

Leo is our fixed fire sign. People's positions, and we will hear all about them (!), will become louder and more entrenched.

No one will be changing anyone else's mind now. This is not the most cooperative energy, but it can often bring out the best in people. Mercury in Leo can be idealistic and enthusiastic.

The BIG picture will be easier to buy into while the tiny details get lost in the expression of big, powerful ideas. That's OK - we'll take care of the details when Mercury gets into Virgo at the end of the month.

For now, it's the time to think big, talk about what we want, get the word out about what we are doing. If there is something we want to take center stage with or "announce" to the public - this is the month. Think - loud and proud baby!

Some especially auspicious times could be:

July 7th when Mercury sextiles Venus  - our words/ideas/communications create opportunities for our money, values, self-esteem, beauty, love, women. July 14th - when Mercury sextiles Jupiter - opportunities for communication/ideas/words to create expansion, luck and growth - watch out for exaggerations though. July 19th when Mercury trines Saturn - roadblocks lifted, clear sailing regarding activities with authority, responsibility, structure, time. July 21st when Mercury conjuncts the North Node (our collective way forward) - words/conversations coming in that sync us up with or help to confirm our best, most simplest and happiest path forward. July 24th when Mercury trines Uranus - unexpected/surprising news that moves things forward - brakes off!

Note these dates are when the aspects are exact, but the energies are working together for a couple days before and after. That sextile to Venus is in play now!

xo all

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The First Half of July 2017 Astrology Forecast for Creatives | buckle up buttercups

"If you knew what was going to happen, if you knew everything that was going to happen next - if you knew in advance the consequences of your own actions - you'd be doomed. You'd be ruined as God. You'd be a stone. You'd never eat or drink or laugh or get out of bed in the morning. You'd never love anyone, ever again. You'd never dare to."
 - Margaret Atwood The Blind Assassin

welcome home by elif karakoc

July is the run up to a mind-bending eclipse season in August and August will clear the slate (eclipse something out, bring something BIG to light) for whatever is getting a total reboot in September and October. A permanent change is coming. Beliefs will be shattered. If you think you are awake now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

But first let's get back to July and our journey through the moody and magical sign of Cancer! August's big eclipse is at 28 degrees Leo and the 28th degree will be triggered multiple times in July, so we know July will give us some previews of what is coming.

(the thing to remember about the future is that sometimes YOU JUST CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE)

The month kicks off with Mars opposing Pluto on July 3rd followed one week later by the Sun opposing Pluto. This is big stuff.

To know what this is all about we have to backtrack through a couple previous dates - remember when something starts energetic fields are created that get triggered later when celestial energies (planets and points) come in contact with them. Early July's transits take us back to October 2016 and January 2017. With Pluto involved we know this story will be about power struggles, manipulation, control, sex, money, compulsion, addiction, death, rebirth - what we are/were willing to do to "win".

Everyone is feeling the pressure somewhere is their lives. We could come to regret impulsive actions taken now ...

Really the entire month of July (Cancer is opposite Pluto while he travels through Capricorn for the next few years - summers are going to stay pressurized) has volatile Pluto aspects. Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023 and we have alot to do before he gets there - and what we do NOW will determine what kind of world we get THEN.

"The future is what we make it" to quote Sandra Connor in Terminator II or Walt Disney - one of those two.

I think much of what we are really feeling now is the dividing of reality "choices" (isn't it very, very clear now that the physical has caught up with the metaphysical that we see what we want to see or more accurately put we see what we energetically line up with!) as the vibrational mismatch between all of us becomes wider and wider. There are things we can't hold onto anymore because the gap between who we were and who we are is just too great. We are energetically disconnecting from the people, places, situations, alliances, roles and beliefs that are no longer on our wavelength.

Yes, it's hard. Bigly hard. HUGE HUG.

On July 9th we have our annual Full Moon in Capricorn. This checks us in big time with those New Year's resolutions we set last January around the Capricorn New Moon. Looking at this power hungry Moon makes me nervous, heady and queasy. Sun conjunct Mars. Moon conjunct Pluto squaring Uranus, Jupiter and Eris. We will focus on the things we can control to get through this one. Post to follow.

From July 10th - 16th the skies slow down a bit and we catch our breath (of course, keep in mind I can't see the transits hitting your particular chart). Remember when your kids were babies and people told you to nap while they napped - well, I know you probably didn't actually do it then, but try it now - this is a good week for napping!

We are in a whole new world.

I know it may not always feel like it is a good one because all we can feel yet about any lack of boundaries, limits and clear definition of what is "real" is the instability these fast changes are bringing us and it feels scary. 

But if I could show you a movie reel of your past lives (or if you do not resonate with past lives - the lives of your ancestors) - you would see that you have never, ever been so free!

On July 17th-20th we are back in the frying pan with Venus squaring Neptune and Mars squaring Uranus. Something will not be controlled now. Rash actions are possible. Love is hard. Something is distorted, draining or drifting. Creative breakthroughs are possible, too!

July 18th-19th - have some good aspects. There is excellent energy to make art, do spiritual or healing work. There is gold here if we are willing to dig a bit and be out and about and looking for it! Problems will not be easily swept under the rug though and could take some time to unravel themselves. Quick fixes fall apart later. We could be restless, but most of the energy here is about creative expression and interactions with groups.

The last 10 days of July will be all about fiery Leo - heat waves, wild fires - hot messes will be hotter messes. The New Moon starts us on the countdown to the BIG August eclipses (we have two Leo New Moons this year!). Mercury prepares to go retrograde and starts traveling the degrees he will backtrack. Events begin to conspire to get us focused where we are needed .... remember the North Node is in Leo now. Our brain is not equipped for these huge energy shifts but our heart will take us where we need to go.

We'll talk more about the end of the month in a couple weeks. xo all

Monday, July 3, 2017

Venus into Gemini | more options regarding love and money

flirtatious by this-is-tis

After a sextile (opportunity) to Chiron today (healing through existing resources, healing with nature, with touch, with food, compromise?) Venus moves into Gemini for the 4th of July.

Gemini Suns and rising signs get more attractive - both easier on the eye and able to attract what they want and need. Whatever house in our natal chart holds Gemini hosts a visit from Venus now - making it easier for all of us to attract what we need in that area.

We are most attractive (use our Venus) through Gemini (our mind). It's a good time (through July 31st) to be talking and communicating with lots of different people about lots of different things.

Venus in Gemini is about variety. In the mutable air sign (Gemini) the themes Venus rules - love, money, value, self-esteem, women, beauty - get more light-hearted. There are quickly more options available. There is also more duality - this is the space where our heart is saying one thing and our brain is saying something else.

We could suddenly recognize a mismatch between what we have and what we want. Or what we thought we had (during Venus in resource-rich Taurus) could be up for grabs a bit.

With Venus in Gemini life becomes more of a flirtation. Communications are more casual, more lively and humorous. It's a good time to set aside any existing constructs about what we like and what we don't like and stay open to new experiences, new people and new situations. Say YES to the things that sound like FUN now.

This isn't the best energy to make an important decision (regarding our Gemini natal house theme or Venus ruled love, money, self-esteem, values, women or beauty) or commit to something permanently.

We don't want to be asking these things of others either. For example it's not the best time to ask clients to be tied into a long-term membership, but it's an excellent time to think outside the box about who would be up for a short-term trial period. People will be more open-minded about less important things. For the next three weeks, it's time to "flirt", it's not the time to "put a ring on it". This doesn't just apply to romance.

Also on the 4th of July Mercury (ruler of Gemini) squares Uranus (unexpected, sudden) in Aries. New and unexpected information/communication about Venus themed issues or our natal Gemini house theme. Solutions, surprises and fast responses can come of of nowhere now. Eyes open.

xo all

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mars/Pluto Opposition part ll - a conscious or unconscious battle for control

cat's cradle by leila was here

On Saturday, Chiron stationed retrograde. Since he's retrograde for about 5 of every 12 months I honestly only pay attention to his stationing degrees. This year he stationed at 28 degrees Pisces. Since we have a very big eclipse happening in August at 28 degrees (this time in Leo) his station this weekend is probably worth noting.

Maybe some hurt (emotional and/or physical) gets revived now. On the other hand if we are going through something hurtful already, the retrograde period (thru early December) can create a bit of space that allows us to catch our breath. Chiron's placement in our natal chart (and he is a fairly new discovery so much is still being figured out and I don't pretend to have any/all the answers here) represents a place of significant wounding or sacrifice. So, the natal house will tell us the area of life the wounding has/will occur and the sign tells us how we will respond/work with it.

On Sunday, we have Mars (in Cancer) opposite Pluto (in Capricorn). Part I is HERE. Battle lines are drawn. And if you have natal planets or points around 18 degrees Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries you will feel this energy strongest.

The T-Square we have been dealing with for the last month reaches its peak (this same degree will be activated at the Full Moon at the end of the week, so the story isn't over until it's over).

Mars in Cancer pushes us to take action regarding our security, home, family, country. It is protective energy but can also be a bit passive/aggressive. Pluto (who will always beat Mars in a head-to-head) in Capricorn uses his power to dislodge, transform or end whatever is excessively dependent (my guess would be a whole lot of thirty year old basement dwellers are being kicked to the curb now).

If we demand too much emotional control, we'll feel the boot, too. 

Those in control have the upper hand now and it may be easiest to see who is actually in control by whose hand comes out on top.

Mars is a fighter - he pushes and pushes even when the object he is pushing against is totally unmoveable. This isn't about giving up - really it isn't, but sometimes we need to know when to stop pushing ....

If there is a David vs Goliath story playing out in your life right now - I hope your money is on Goliath. If some situation is turning us into an unavoidable "David" it's time to keep a cool head. The stronger the punch we throw at Goliath, somehow the more we'll get hurt. Go figure.

Of course if we are working our Pluto well (a self-empowered David) ... we can remove Goliath (obstacle) with a flick of our little finger. Just sayin'.

Last week, we had Mercury (news, information, communication) opposite Pluto (transformation, sex, death, power, control, obsession, compulsion). In the collective we had news about - the top advisor to the Pope charged with sexual assault offenses, Trump's twitter war with the morning co-hosts at MSNBC, a scary NRA ad about clenched fists of truth, news about the sexual harassment culture in silicon valley, yada, yada.

Today's opposition is hitting both Trump's chart and the USA chart rather bigly. It takes all of us back to something from late October 2016. For Trump this would have been a couple weeks before he won the election. I have no idea what was happening with him then, could guess, but won't.

In our personal lives this is about power struggles and manipulation and even winning at any cost .....

My plan this week is to writes the dailies and a monthly forecast for July. This week will start and end with strong Pluto aspects - lots of energy and potential for conflicts - AND we have some wonderful aspects on Tuesday through Friday. We'll talk about the week as we move through it .. the sunshine is calling my name today!

 xo all

Thursday, June 29, 2017

the upcoming Mars/Pluto Opposition and more | pay attention to whatever you are dealing with on Friday and Saturday pt 1

16.365 by laauraa

We are building toward Mars (in Cancer) exact opposition with Pluto (in Capricorn) on Sunday then a week later immediately following a challenging Full Moon in Capricorn we will have the Sun opposing Pluto.

(I almost wrote - tighten your belt - but better advice would be to - loosen your belt - so you can breathe, the more room we give ourselves now to just breathe, the lighter the load on everyone)

Let's look at today's energy first. We have Mercury in this space (Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn) - I did a post about this yesterday HERE.  

The issues of family vs work could be at the center of whatever is happening. Or the power structure within the family or the familial structure within the workplace (outside world doesn't have to be paid work). 

Maybe a family secret has been revealed (what's that all about?). Maybe we have found ourselves talking over people or they are talking over us (what's that all about?). Maybe we are forced to agree to/with something (what's that all about?). Maybe we are the one forcing our point of view on someone else (what's that all about?).

If the emotion (anger, fear) within a conversation/communication is out of proportion to what is happening, think about what is really happening here - what is really being triggered. With oppositions we can't deal with something ourselves so we create (subconsciously) a situation outside ourselves to force us to deal with it.

Now Mercury (communications, conversation, ideas) gets this party started and moves on, to be replaced by Mars (action), who will be opposing Pluto by Sunday.

Then we will have the God of war opposing the God of the underworld. Pluto (the guy from down under and I'm not talking about Australia here) rules that deep stuff we buried long ago because we don't want to deal with it. In Capricorn he is working with power structures and security issues. Mars (the war guy) rules our passion, initiative, anger and violence. In Cancer he is working with family, home, country, roots, security themes.

Family problems (that might look like a fight with Verizon customer service - what is really being triggered when we are angered when made to wait, feel unseen, feel unheard, feel unappreciated), power struggles especially within groups that feel like family, security issues, childhood traumas will be unearthed, in uncomfortable ways

(I started to feel this energy last weekend and you might have felt it then, too, as these planets started to line up).

Friday and Saturday take note of what you are dealing with because Mars will be getting close enough to his exact opposition to Pluto to feel what this will all be about.

Collectively, this is hitting the U.S. and Trump's chart rather BIGLY. We'll talk about that, too.

We might be very determined to get something done now within some precise time-frame or in some precise way and stuff will line up to interfere with whatever we are trying to power through and force. Projects started many months ago will face stiff tests now. Manipulations will bite us in the ass. Enemies will be powerful. This is excellent energy to burn ourselves out or start a war we cannot win, so let's avoid that.

I think the best way to work with this kind of sustained pressure, especially with all this Cancer energy, is to take care of ourselves. Let some little stuff fall apart so the big stuff doesn't have to.

I'll write more about this tomorrow in Part ll - this energy is going to carry us through the Full Moon on July 9th and the Sun opposite Pluto on July 10th. Then the second week of July will be a much needed breather for most of us.  

xo all

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mars Conjunct Mercury | decisive action, words that open childhood wounds

untitled by sollenafotographie
Today's energy is fast and packs a wallop.

With Mercury (words, ideas, communication, siblings, transportation) meeting up with Mars (initiative, drive, passion, anger) at 15 degrees Cancer - words are our weapon.

Either we cut to the heart of the matter or we cut someone's heart out.

Happening in family, home, country and security oriented Cancer, conversations now could revolve around these themes or take us back to childhood (or past-life) issues.

That guy in your face in the post office will actually be yelling at his controlling mother and you will actually be listening to your demanding brother. Everything will be taken out of context and relate back to something else. Powder kegs are hidden in the most unlikeliest of spaces now. Tread cautiously.

Post internet comments at your own risk. Call your sister at your own risk. Arguments will be swift and passionate especially around issues of safety and our long-standing beliefs that, if changed or challenged, would rock our structure.

The best way through these energies is to blend this week's trine to Neptune and today's conjunction with Mars to find the courage to forgive or apologize. 

On a more positive note (yes, today there are lots of flies in the ointment, but also one nice fly-free zone the flies haven't noticed yet)

if an auspicious opportunity is presented now, the energy is available to take swift and decisive action. There won't be time to hedge our bets, manipulate the data into what feels comfortable or second guess ourselves - if our intuition says "make a move" then make the move.

If courageous words are needed we can find them.

xo all (drive safely)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mercury Square Jupiter | over-sharing, over-promising, over-explaining, over-spending

glitter and stars by sollenafotografie

Today, Mercury (in Cancer) squares Jupiter (in Libra) at 13 degrees. Yesterday's trine is still in play, too.

Together these energies are a time of BIG ideas and conversations. Great for a group brain-storming session about a problem that appears to be unsolvable. Keep in mind that answers may not be totally practical - this energy can be "over-the-top" - and sometimes too much information is as troublesome as too little. But words have great power this week and our intention to solve things will factor into the results we achieve.

We could have a tendency to over-explain ourselves now. If "No" is a complete sentence then lots of other short and sweet (or short and sour) explanations are perfectly acceptable, too.

I said so many words yesterday I regret today. Knowing these energies are at play isn't enough if we don't act on our knowledge. Some cards are best played close to the chest. I tossed mine all over the table (still looking for that two of spades).

If it feels like other people are judging us, step back from the moment. Do we need to be right or do we want to be happy? Sometimes these things are at cross purposes. A whole heap of the sky is in Cancer now and Cancerian energy is very defensive. Defensiveness sometimes sounds judgemental. Let's give each other a break. We might also have to reel back in our own language. That square from Cancer to Libra (family vs something/someone else) creates tension.

We are in the NEW phase of the Cancer Moon cycle. Our emotions are probably all over the place. Let's not judge ourselves for our weaknesses and vulnerabilities now. It's the job of this cycle to bring this stuff up to slow us down. Tonight we will move into the Moon's crescent phase (creativity, growth) and while we are sleeping the Moon will move into grounded Virgo.

For today, avoid the "overs" and stick with the facts. No over-spending. No over-explaining. No over-promising. Avoid "over the top" schemes, sob stories and TALL TALES.

This energy reminds me of when my sister and I were kids and would get over-excited and giggling too much and falling all over the place and my grandmother would say "you are laughing now, but you'll be crying before the day is over" (ugh Grandma). Back then we usually were crying within the hour. And we might cry now, too. Let's not judge ourselves or anyone else as weak here. Cancer is about working with our vulnerabilities. It's pretty much the point of the whole thing ....

Tomorrow, Mercury is going to hook up with fiery, fiesty Mars. Of course it is exact enough to feel it now. We will have to work hard to outrun that family fight or those angry words. Break out the running shoes now. Or just be prepared to laugh until it hurts.

xo all

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mars Trine Neptune | our faith makes us stronger

faith by sollenafotographie
Here is the one gentle and steady aspect this week to hold onto.

Mars (in Cancer) is trine (brakes off) Neptune (in Pisces).

The energies this week will challenge (Mars) us to remain peaceful (Neptune). Neptune dissolves the boundaries between ourselves and others making it easier to feel what other people are feeling (yes, we are all loving and frightened inside) but can also be emotionally overwhelming.

Mars in Cancer is the divine masculine energy compelled to defend what we call "home" (hold close). This trine to Neptune (the mystical realms) tells us the way to that win-win for all of us is through compassion. We are all is this together. If our right hand forms a fist and throws a punch our left toe is compelled into action, too.

It is MUCH better to move through these times with hands open - the healing action, the compassionate gesture, the universally loving touch - moves all of us away from the circling sharks and into the smoothest waters. We don't have to fight to win. That's the dying patriarchal paradigm. In fact, if we fight we can't win. An open heart opens other hearts now. Pray for peace.

Heads up creatives - this aspect can also dissolve (Neptune) our initiative (Mars). We are only a few days into the summer season, maybe this is a good thing .... xo all

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of June 26th - high emotions, drama, itching for a fight ....

pillow fight by sliwka

Most of this week is about Mercury (words, ideas, communication, conversations, siblings, neighbors, transportation).

He squares Jupiter and trines Neptune on Tuesday. He conjuncts Mars on Wednesday and opposes Pluto on Thursday. Then we end the week on Sunday with the grand-daddy of "win at all costs" fight aspects when Mars opposes Pluto.

Things could go something like this:

Travel plans will be a mess. TAKE EXTRA CARE DRIVING. Words will be BIG and exaggerated. Conversations will be emotional. We could be over-confident or over-commit. Boundaries will be crossed. People will be competitive. We could be over-loaded with information. Words could be heated. We could jump to the wrong conclusion. We could be pushed to make a fast decision we regret later. There could be power plays. Take safety precautions as needed.

Things will feel urgent and that sense of urgency and impatience will make us come on stronger than we intended to - "Did he just say that? Yes, he did." If we have to convince someone of something - well, good luck with that. Maybe something began with Jupiterian positivity and some sense of adventure now becomes fertile grounds for arguments and anxiety. We will be challenged.

If we push, someone else will push back HARDER.

Chiron is going to station retrograde on Saturday triggering whatever vulnerability he is activating within our Pisces natal houses.

The week will end on Sunday with that dreaded opposition between Pluto in Capricorn (power, karma, transformation, security, structure, government) and Mars in Cancer (violence, anger, initiative, passion, war, home, country) that kind of kicks off this summer's volatility and potential for world and personal violence.

I don't mean to sound so negative. I'll write the dailies, look at the Moons and we'll dig in deep and find the good stuff. It's here somewhere. The Moon is in Leo on Monday and Tuesday which is great creative energy and it will hit that North Node in Leo at some point - we need to be working from our heart. And we are, right?

If you can schedule light this week do that. We'll get through it.

xo all

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Venus Trine Pluto | having our cake and eating it, too


This aspect has been building for a few days and reaches its exact alignment today with Venus at 18 degrees Taurus and Pluto at 18 degrees Capricorn. This is a goodie.

This is where we can take what we want/need/love (Venus) and go in deeper (Pluto). We go a step further. We push that outer limit of what feels comfortable.

With trines things fall smoothly into place. We won't have to push or force or manipulate anything.

With Venus in Taurus (what we already have, what we value) we attract what we want/need/love through what is already working - what comes naturally. With Pluto in industrious Capricorn trining this energy - it's a good time for something good to become something great.

Something we had hoped for gets the green light. An investment grows more profitable. A relationship more comfortable and stable. The value of what we already have increases now. Yes, our stock just went up.

Indulge in just a little bit ... more.


My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their beautiful baby boy Joel Vincent to planet Earth last night. The doctor told them at 4:10PM that he would be born in 10 minutes, and of course, already a fellow who will not be told what to do, Joel made his appearance almost exactly 4 hours later (at the Cancer New Moon with that stellium in Cancer!).

I was planning to be in the hospital waiting room. But I am especially sensitive about my tendency to interject myself into my younger siblings' stories and my sister-in-law is a very private person, so when my brother texted, "Please don't come, I'll text you", those plans changed.

A few hours later he texted "doctor is coming in to deliver baby - doctor says 10 minutes!".

Seconds later my daughter called and we were talking about what was going on at the hospital as I paced around the house (the hospital was actually on fire on another floor, my brother could see three fire trucks from their hospital window and their doctor had been locked outside - it was a nailbiter).

wild turkey and baby?
My daughter, "why don't you just go out there even if you sit in the parking lot, you'll feel better."

At exactly that second I looked out my back door patio window and there was a giant bird, three foot tall, walking next to my pool. I hang up to take a picture with my phone and when I focus in on the giant bird - a type of bird we'd never had in our yard in over 20 years, what the hell kind of bird was this - I see that walking right behind the bird is her baby!

My mom used to send birds in the months after she died, so I knew exactly what this was. I'll just say 'tears flowed like wine' ... and then some wine flowed, too.

And of course, I will re-purpose the corks ...

xo all

Friday, June 23, 2017

what we really need | tonight's Moon can deliver whatever we ask of it ....

summer? by bestraw

We start the day with our early morning Moon opposing Saturn. We have this aspect every month that Saturn is in Sagittarius as the Moon lines up with its polarity sign in Gemini.

This can make sharing our emotions more difficult. We might be feeling more stubborn than usual or feeling the weight of pressing obligations. Issues with authority or our own responsibility could create opposing viewpoints or needs.

By late afternoon the Moon is sextiling Uranus providing opportunities to get ahead by making us more aware of what other people are thinking. 

Yes, we can read minds this afternoon (and yes, I will be thinking about a glass of iced tea right about then ... and George Clooney, yes, I'll be thinking about him, too - damn, you're good - although actually I'm not really feeling George anymore I've lost all my celebrity crushes now ... sniffle).

Unusual or out of the blue communications can go well or feel good.

The Moon goes void (2:45 PM EDT) after that sextile and a square to Chiron making the late afternoon an excellent time for release and meditation. Call it a day early. Unclutter. Organize.

When the Moon goes void after a couple days in noisy Gemini we will likely be feeling the need for some peace and quiet. It's a good time to ask, through prayer, to be released from any negative emotional impressions and dreams of the past that are no longer needed. The ancestors don't need us to carry this stuff anymore. It's usefulness to us is over. We have just grown used to carrying it!

Tonight we get a fresh new beginning with family drama/karma with a New Moon in Cancer

(we will have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all in Cancer - so all the personal planets except Venus!).

It's a time to honor and celebrate the heritage we do want to carry forward and 'think about/take action with' the new story we will pass to the next generation (and you do not have to have biological children to pass things to the next generation!).

Venus (in earthy Taurus) continues to trine (brakes off) powerful Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect is exact tomorrow. Prosperity and empowerment come from reworking those connections with other people.

Mars (in Cancer) is squaring Jupiter (in Libra). This could take us from confident and bold to shameless and pushy in zero to sixty. Check any impulses to let others know how wonderful we are for a couple more days - it will probably work out better for us then (or the urge will fade or they'll figure it out for themselves).

On the other hand if we really do need to be a courageous super-hero (especially when serving as protector of something vulnerable), the energy is here to assist us.

All these influences impact tonight's New Moon portal.

Cancerian strengths of family building, traditional wisdom, homemaking, compassion, business and structural savvy plus the ability to create a warm and nurturing space for ourselves and others are heightened for the next couple weeks and projects launched within these themes will continue to grow for at least the next six months. 

It will be easier to connect with our emotional needs now.

At 10:30PM EDT the Moon connects with the Sun in Cancer (New Moon). Our monthly creativity peaks and this month is focused on home and family (familial ties). Stability and security matter. Nurturing and comfort matter. 

The closest aspect to the New Moon is that trine from Venus to Pluto which is an excellent one. This Moon can deliver whatever we ask of it ... so let's ask.

xo all